Qoom Tech Leadership Program

Qoom Tech Leadership Program aims to connect hackathons and youth organizations with affordable, fun, and project-based workshops and coaches that foster curiosity and learning through web development classes.

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About The Tech Leadership Program

Qoom Tech Leadership Program which is a fiscally-sponsored non-profit organization powered by Hack Club Bank giving talented creators and programmers a chance to interact with the global computer science community through creating and presenting website development and product-related curriculum. We organize with hackathons and host workshops to introduce thousands of enthusiastic students to the world of programming!


Leading the non-profit branch of Qoom Incorporated to be the platform and teachers of beginner and intermediate website developers!

Content Creation

Curating and creating website development and front-end curriculum and articles as well as interviewing hackathon winners and science leaders!


Organizing with hackathons and science events to present to thousands of attendees and impact their education

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About Qoom Inc.

Qoom is a student-friendly web app development platform. With our in-browser code editor and instant collaborative editing, you can build your ideas with your team members easily and quickly. In addition, all your creations are instantly up and running - no need to set up a server! If you plan to make a website or web app with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, try Qoom!

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Hackathons Sponsored

Students Impacted

Workshops Given

Monetary worth of technology



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In collaboration with the Applied Computing Foundation (ACF), Qoom Tech Leadership Program offers a six pillar Sponsorship plan for technical and monetary support before, during, and after your event!

Technical Support

The Qoom Tech Leaders will support your event throughout its duration by answering technical and Qoom-related questions in their designated communication channel

Workshop Hosting

We can host a variety of workshops virtually for beginner to intermediate level, upon request! View workshops to see the full list of what we offer!


Any attendee or participant interested in working further with our program can do so through applying to be a Qoom Tech Leader and receiving community service hours and writing technical content!


Winners of our Best Web App with Qoom Challenge have the opportunity to be feature on our Qoom Project Gallery and an interview on our blog!

Monetary Reward

Our partner, Applied Computing Foundation (ACF) also offers over 300$ of prizes for ACF winners from their middle school, high school, and college project categories

Paid Positions and Mentorship

Winners of the Applied Computing Foundation (ACF) have the opportunity to be interviewed for the paid, flexible position of ACF Code Coach!


The Qoom Tech Leaders offer engaging technical workshops for a range of website development topics for all learners! Attendees are able to follow along entirely for free and online through our Qoom IDE!

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  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

My First Website Journal

How to Make a Real User Login System

Quick Poll With Javascript and Qoom DB

Build a Homepage from Scratch

Animated Web Card


Chat App

Google Teachable Machine: Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Web Game: Memory Tester


Alexandria Balde

Alexandria is a Tech Lead at Qoom and a junior in high school. She has done competitive robotics for over 7 years and was a FTC World Championship competitor. She presents technical and soft skills workshops around the world. She has been with Qoom for over 2 years!

Sammy Lesner

Sammy Lesner is a Tech Lead at Qoom and a junior in highschool. Sammy is incredibly passionate about coding and has been coding for years. She joined the Qoom team last summer looking to share that passion with others!

Basil Lera

Basil Lera is a Tech Lead at Qoom, and also a junior in high school. Basil has been interested in computing and web design for the past 6 years, and enjoys bringing coding to everyone around her.

Claire Miao

Claire Miao is a Tech Lead at Qoom, and a sophomore in high school. She has passion and interest in both data science and web development, and also has 4+ years of competitive robotics experience. She is passionate about bringing computer science education to everyone who is willing to learn!

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